Our history

In the beginning

Back in 1984, years of experimentation and observation all came together through the work of Dr. Brian Murray ND, DO, Ph.D at his two natural therapy clinics in Auckland, New Zealand. Many clients of low-income backgrounds were unable to afford complementary health care because the cost of many commercial herbal formulations available on the market equaled or exceeded a consultation fee.

Interest was focused on this need for a low cost, effective supplement which could be within the reach of all clients in need.

Well over a hundred herbs were prepared in this way. The homoeopathic indications of each herb were recorded and many hours were also spent researching the herbal indications. When compiled and compared, some fascinating data was available suggesting that the range of healing capacity in any one tincture was not fully covered by looking at it from either a herbal or homoeopathic perspective.

Combining BOTH Herbal and Homeopathic qualities produced a deeper understanding of the full healing potential, increasing and enhancing therapeutic results.

The early prescriptions were prepared by blending these diluted, potentised herbs in fairly standard proportions used in classical herbalism everywhere. And because the remedies had been prepared by dilution, the individually blended prescriptions were inexpensive. So affordable, in fact, a groundswell of referrals commenced which markedly increased client numbers.

And then an amazing realisation dawned on the practitioners who were prescribing these new remedies. The results being obtained from the new remedies were far greater than anything that could have been expected from using herbal tinctures alone. It was clear that something extraordinary was happening.

It was as if a new herbal energy had been released by the process adopted to prepare the tinctures.

Client numbers continued to increase and so, to simplify this time-consuming process of dispensing up to ten different herbal tinctures, Dr. Murray decided to look at adopting standard blends which could be kept as prepared stock.

For example, a lady came in who had suffered from migraines for years. She was given dietary advice, an osteopathic correction for cervical lesions and a potentised herbal remedy. The combination worked spectacularly with the client returning two weeks later exclaiming that she had been free of pain for the first time in years.

When the next person presented with migraines of similar symptoms, they were given the same potentised herbal blend. Again the combination worked to dramatic effect. So it was that the new formulation was given to a third client with the comment that good results could be expected. What a disappointment when no relief was evident! A detailed reassessment of the case suggested that the therapeutic methods adopted were sound, so a change was made to the proportions of the herbs in the blend.

The same herbs were used, but in different concentrations. And this time, the client reported successful treatment of the headaches and nausea. This adjusted formulation became known as Hb M for migraines.

The team of practitioners (including Brian’s wife Amy) spent hours discussing progress and gradually a range of blends was developed which covered most of the conditions commonly treated in a natural health clinic. In each instance, several adjustments were needed to get the ratios optimal and balanced, even where the components were well indicated.

This process of evaluating the new remedies on actual clients was considered as wholly ethical by the team as all the indications for prescriptions were based upon published herbal and homoeopathic literature. What was being determined was the best way to apply the amazing new healing effect now known as Homeobotanical Therapy.


In 2007 Bernadette Bekker took over the running from Brian and Amy and is the current Owner and Managing Director.

Bernadette is a qualified and experienced Homeobotanical Therapist and graduate of Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. She also holds diplomas in Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy and Aromatherapy. Bernadette is the President of Naturopaths New Zealand, an Executive Board member and registrar for Natural Health Practitioners NZ and Co-chair for the Natural Health Council NZ.

The UK and Europe Contact

Deborah Kerslake qualified in Homeobotanical Therapy in 1994 and became a teacher and then the head trainer of Homeobotanicals in N.Z. In 1997 Dr. Deborah Kerslake returned to live in England. She is now the head trainer of Hb’s UK and Europe runs Post Graduate Homeobotanical Practitioner Courses all around the UK and Europe although for the later 2 years the courses have been run online via crowdcast. Deborah imports and supplies homoebotancical remedies to therapists in the Northern Hemisphere. She has also developed an complimentary range of HomeoHerbs sourced in the U.K. To contact her about courses please email her at  debs@yes2wellness.com

To view her private practice which she runs from her farm in West Sussex go to www.yes2wellness.com.

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