Homeobotanicals & HomeoHerbals UK & Europe

Homeobotanicals (or Hbs) are powerful, synergistic blends of organic herbal combinations in liquid form, dynamised and selectively chosen to target specific organs and systems in our body. These wholistic remedies assist to clean out our body of all toxins ingested, inhaled and absorbed, leaving our body capable of functioning more efficiently. Release your toxic burden now with Hb’s. They are trophorestorative in nature or balancers, so rather than impose anything on the body, the lovely herbs in these blends, bring our body back into balance and support the organs and systems so we can regain health safely and naturally. The range was designed to support most acute and chronic health conditions in combination with other theraputic protocols. HomeoHerbals (HHs) are made in the U.K. with organic herbs and were developed to support and augment our Homeobotanical range. They are made in the same unique way and are completely compatible with Hb’s to enable mix and matching to best support your client.

Join us on our next 2 day post graduate Homeobotancial course. Next one planned for 1st and 2nd June. https://crowdcast.io/c/tv451lqtakly

10.00- 4.15. Held at our cabin in the woods on our little farm. It will also be recorded if you can’t make it in person.

Celebrating 40 years of Homeobotanical Therapy.

Please join us on 13th July for the 40th Anniversary of Homeobotanical Therapy.

We are very excited to be having our Homoebotanical Conference in Horsham in a gorgeous Medieval Barn right beside Horsham park. In the evening we will have a pizza evening on the Farm which is just 5 mles from Horsham – please bring families and make it an event – West Sussex is a wonderful area to spend some time. (There is also a bustling market in Horsham on Saturday)

On Sunday at 10pm we will have a brunch at the farm, meet and greet and a chance to ask questions and generally connect and have a lovely chat to other therapists. So perhaps make a weekend of it.

The cost is £35 per person. There will be a goodie bag with various things and local products and everyone who attends can buy stock at the student rate for the day. We are developing the agenda as we speak however there will be speakers on Homeobotanicals and combinations that have worked well and Bernie Becker who is the Head of Homeobotanicals Worldwide and is coming over from New Zealand especially to join us for the Conference.

It’s all about regaining BALANCE

Simple to use – Easy to dispense – Highly effective

Homeobotanical Therapy and HomeoHerbal therapy are CORE therapy, which means it blends well with all other healing protocols both naturopathic and allopathic in the acute and chronic management of illness.

These same potentised herbal mixtures also can be mixed into creams, gels, wax and oil for topical use. Flower essences can be added for additional emotional support.

It is important to remember that this is NOT Herbalism and it is NOT Homeopathy but rather a extraordinary combination of the two healing disciplines which works on the physical and the vibrational energies.

Homeobotanical Remedies help relieve the symptoms of many health conditions, including:-

Asthma, breathing difficulties, anxiety, sprains, strains and bruising, falls, knocks, shock, allergies, hay fever, tiredness, food intolerance, PMS, fertility, menopause, period pain, all pain, mood swings, migraines, spasms, colic, bloating, coughing, colds & flu, forgetfulness, brain fog, insomnia, lack of energy, nausea, bowel issues, rheumatic pain, arthritis, heartburn, stomach upsets, varicose veins piles just to mention a few!..

Homeobotanicals are produced in clean, green New Zealand

HomeoHerbals are almost completely vegan (one exception being bee gum), where at all possible organic and sourced and produced in the U.K.

Deborah Kerslake is the UK and Europe head trainer and supplier of stock.

Post graduate Homeobotanical course

 Upcoming courses:

Our next 2 day Post Graduate Practitioner programme dates are:

1st and 2nd June. 9.30- 4.00. Held at our cabin in the woods on our little farm. It will also be recorded if you can’t make it in person.

Apart from the 12 hours training, you will receive a post graduate certificate, the Initials HbT after your name, the opportunity to put your name and details on our website as a qualified Homeobotanical Practitioner, some useful handouts as well as a copy of the manual and ongoing access to me, your tutor for any questions or tricky cases.

Professional coaching programme Accredited by the Association for Coaching

60 hours face to face training to become a Confident, Competent coach. 

Sat / Sun. 9.30- 5.30 April 13-14,20-21, 27-28. ½ days 9.30-12.30 Sat 4th, 11th and 19th May.

I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in joining one of our courses or would like to receive a synopsis and/or find out more information.

Our next HomeoHerbal Course is a one day. Only available after you’ve completed the 2 day post graduate programme. May 4th. Saturday 9.30-4.00

One day Introduction to the Psychology of Numerology Course on Monday 8th May 9.30-4.30.




Testimonials – more on the testimonials page.

Symptoms: sleep issues 
Quiet/Sleep, Emotional Stress
client says  “Just to let you know I have slept so well the last 2 nights, normally with the full moon, I probably sleep 2-3 hours per night!!! and I have woken up naturally before my alarm, that’s really amazing. Thank you so, so so much”
Symptoms: loss of taste and smell
HistaHerb, Allergies, Spectra
Loss of taste and smell for 2 years on steroids for polymyalgia. Client says: she can smell her roses for the first time in years! 
Symptoms: severe hay fever
Allergies, HistaHerb, Respiratory 
Lady mid 40s, has had terrible hay fever most of her life and is allergic to animals fur and feathers (has loads of animals), was on antihistamines, nasal spray, occasionally steroids and inhalers. 
Came for another bottle 3 weeks later. Says she hasn’t touched any other medication since she started on this blend. She was out in the garden all day Sunday and not a sniffle, has fresh flowers inside and usually sneezes all day from them, but not a sneeze in sight – husband noticed and commented. She is one very happy lady. I am one happy therapist.  also, she says she feels amazing. Usually always tired.
The testimonials are for anecdotal interest only. If you have any symptoms, please visit your health provider.


I strongly encourage you to come and explore Homeobotanicals, particularly if you are feeling frustrated with ‘stuck’ cases where you feel there’s something else that could help.  These are wonderfully powerful tools not to be missed. I should add that within 4 days of taking my own prescription, I am feeling better than I have in months. Coincidence?  I very much doubt it! 

Anna Rayner

HbT, Homeopath LCHE, BSc Hom, BSc Psychology, HDT Therapist (homeopathic detox therapy).

Deborah’s Homeobotanicals course was exactly the boost I needed in my homeopathic practice. Three separate colleagues had told me I needed to investigate Homeobotanicals, and I am so very glad I did! 

Deborah is such a warm, engaging teacher, and brings a wonderful sense of humour to proceedings. The course flew by in what seemed like minutes.  I found the clinical scope of these remedies very impressive, and her many fascinating case studies were so helpful in learning how to apply them.  The method is so simple and the theory so elegant. Everyone on the course had their own case taken by other course members, and was given their appropriate homeobotanical blended tincture to take away. This was a fantastic way to get stuck into prescribing and preparing the remedies. Immediately it seemed very clear and simple.